Monday, July 18, 2011

A quick Update

I know this blog has been dormant for a looong time. But since it still receive visitors, thus, this quick update to let them know where to go.

  1. The new home of this blog, in case you are not aware yet, is This is home to the bloggers personal reflections and lessons in life.
  2. The blogger also spearheaded a cyber wellness advocacy in the Philippines and started Web Safety Philippines. Just recently, GMA 7 Network embraced the same advocacy and launched  think before you click campaign.
  3. The blogger also started his own business. Because he believed that a changed mindset can lead to a changed behavior, he launched WSPH Training and Consultancy Services and offer values based but tech glazed training services.
Alright, If you happen to pass by this blog, please visit us on the sites mentioned above and share your thoughts too. Happy Blogging :)

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